Paraguay is a land locked country between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.  It is unique in South America, as it has 2 official languages being Spanish and Guaraní.  Paraguay is a democratic country and has a thriving agricultural economy.  There is no language requirement to go on exchange to Paraguay, however a motivation to learn Spanish is desirable.


17Most exchange students will be placed in private schools in Paraguay, although they also have a public system.  In Paraguay, students can choose from a variety of course options that can include Social Sciences, Business, Accounting, Information Sciences and other technical courses as well as the traditional academic courses.


16Family is very important in Paraguay.  The social life of its people revolves largely around the immediate and extended family.  Paraguayan’s chief loyalty is to their family, and you will notice this when you become a member of theirs.  In many Paraguayan families, the responsibility of taking care of the house and children tends to be the role of the wife, as the husband is usually working. Paraguayans are very protective of their children, especially of their daughters.  Parents expect to know when and where their children are going out, and will likely expect this of an exchange student.

Program Departure Price Discount Deadline Application Deadline
Semester January 2020 $9,900 AUD
Year January 2020 $10,900 AUD