Host Bernardo_ausName: Bernardo

Country: Brazil (click for more info)

Period: July to December 2019

Interests: He loves playing volleyball, soccer and videogames.




Host Benthe_ausName: Benthe

Country: Netherlands

Period: July to April 2020

Interests: She loves dancing, reading and drawing.





Name: IlincaHost Ilinca_aus

Country: Czech Republic

Period: July to December 2019

Interests: painting, reading and being animals.





Name: LeonardoHost Leonardo_aus

Country: Italy  (click for more


Period: July to December 2019.

Interests: He loves soccer and trains 3 times a week. He also enjoys scouting and being with friends. He wants to study economics at university.


Host Mathis_ausName: Mathis

Country: Canada  (click for more


Period: He loves hiking, playing chess and cooking.

Interests: July to December.



Host Silver_aus

Name: Silver

 Country: Estonia (click for more info)

Period: July 2019 to April 2020

Interests: He likes playing soccer, videogames and baking with his family.





Name: TessHost Tess_aus

Country: Netherlands (click for more info)

Period: July 2019 to April 2020

Interests: She is sporty and social. Loves gymnastics, dancing, cooking, baking and spending time with friends.




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