Canada can be a winter wonderland but also has many breathtaking green and blue summer landscapes.  It is a multicultural country yet still has developed its own unique culture- especially in the province of Quebec.  Quebec has a distinctive French culture as compared to the rest of Canada. Although most schools in Canada will simply teach French as a second language, studying in Quebec would allow students to have a fully French Canadian experience.  Students may choose to apply for French or English speaking Canada.  Students applying for French Canada must have been studying French for at least 2 years.


Credit: Jenny from Vic

In Canada, school provides a variety of activities to help teenager’s friendships and non-academic talents. You will find that joining school clubs and activities is an important part of the exchange experience, and a very effective way to make friends. You will be expected to pay attention in classes, participate in classroom discussions, share your ideas, complete your homework, study, and achieve passing grades just like a local student.  Most schools offer a variety of academic and practical subjects.


Your Canadian host family will be a very important part of your exchange and will offer a unique family living experience like no other. Your daily life will involve a lot of at-home activities with them, giving you the experience of Canadian culture and the opportunity to form strong relationships with the members of your host family. Canadian parents like to share and have close relationships with their children, so if you return from an outing or from school, your host family will be interested to learn about your day.  In Canada religious institutions serve a social as well as a spiritual function to many families. This gives you the opportunity to participate in social events as well as make friends and become involved in your host community.

Short Program (10 Weeks)

Live with a Canadian family and attend a local Canadian high school on our short term program. Students on this program will be able to get all the benefits of our long exchange programs on this short program.

Program Departure Price Discount Deadline Application Deadline
10 weeks November 2019 $10,250 AUD
Semester August 2019 $12,000 AUD February 28, 2019 April 15, 2019
Year August 2019 $12,750 AUD February 28, 2019 April 15, 2019