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Global Young Leaders Scholarships

YFU Student Exchange wants to encourage a new generation of young leaders and help equip them with the skills and experience to tackle the big issues of our times.

Each year we’re offering 20 ‘Global Young Leaders Scholarships’ to eligible high school students from Australia and New Zealand.

These scholarships are awarded to young Aussie and Kiwi students who are demonstrating community or issue based engagement that is making, or has the potential to make, a difference to the world around them.

We encourage applications from students of all backgrounds. The scholarship will not be awarded based on grades. What’s far more important than academic ability is your attitude and flexibility of mind to get the most out of an overseas student exchange and the cultural experience that comes with it.

We want to support and encourage students with leadership potential who will gain from the opportunity to learn about the world around them and better understand the future role they can play within it. We are looking for potential and motivation to change the world.

You are eligible to apply for the scholarship if you meet eligibility criteria to go on exchange for a semester or year program with YFU. Scholarships are not available for programs of less than a semester duration.

Learn and Lead


The scholarships are valued at:

  • Semester program – $3,500
  • Year program – $4,500

Students who win a scholarship will have their program fee reduced by the amount shown.


Scholarship winners will be expected to:

  • Provide regular blog posts or news items throughout their program (text or video)
  • Supply photos for use in promotional materials
  • Talk at school assemblies and information evenings on return
  • Promote the importance and benefits of a YFU exchange

Selection Criteria

Scholarship applications will be judged by a panel including members of the YFU Student Exchange board and experienced industry professionals. Selection criteria (in addition to the normal YFU eligibility criteria) will include:

  • A demonstrated track record of community or issue based engagement
  • A 500 word (max) statement of intent – ‘How I’m Going To Change The World‘ – written by the applicant without assistance 
  • Endorsement by a school official and a member of the community attesting to the potential of the applicant
The online application will allow you to upload the statement and the endorsement. The selection panel will be looking for evidence of how the applicant will use their exchange in order to advance their potential.

Once you complete the initial application and provide your $100 deposit, YFU will send you the scholarship application. 

Application Process

Scholarship applications must be received by the relevant deadline:

  • April 30th for programs departing between January-April the following year (12 scholarships available)
  • November 30th for programs departing between July-September the following year (8 scholarships available)

Applications will be reviewed during the month following the deadline and announcements made in June and January respectively.

Unsuccessful scholarship applicants who submit a full application by the end of July or February respectively will automatically be entitled to an Early Bird Discount.

Complete and submit the Initial Application online using the link below to get started.

Complete an Initial Application

 This will take just 30 minutes.

Please ensure you answer the final question on this form to confirm to us that you wish to apply for a Scholarship.

We will review your Initial Application and arrange conditional acceptance. The Scholarship Application Forms will then be sent to you by email.

An application fee of $100 is due at this stage. (direct deposit details are on the Initial Application Form)

Early Bird Discounts

If you submit a full application by the following deadlines you’re automatically entitled to an Early Bird discount of $750 for a year program and $500 for a semester program:

  • June 30th for programs departing from January-April the following year
  • February 28th for programs departing from July the same year

Hosting Rebate

If your family hosts a student before you depart on exchange, or while away, you will receive a rebate off your program fee of:

  • 3% for 3 months hosting
  • 5% for 5 months hosting
  • 10% for 10 months hosting

So, for example, if your program costs $9,900 and you host a student for 10 months you will receive a rebate of $990. This is paid at the end of the hosting period and not deducted from the program fee of the exchange student.