Student Profiles

Make the World your Home! Host a YFU Exchange Student!

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Arrives: 10 months
Interests: Badminton, down hill skiing and horse riding

Aino loves to go riding with her Dad on motorbikes or walk the dog. She is also addicted to Australian Masterchef so is excited to watch that when she is here.


Arrives: 10 months
Interests: Horse riding, watching movies, swimming and four- wheeling

Alexis is a hard working girl who also loves to have fun and a bon-fire. She has 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 rabbit, 2 guinea pigs and her horse Beamer who she loves to ride. She plans to become a vet.


Arrives: 10 months
Interests: Cooking, travelling, jogging and hiking and watching movies

Clara is a helpful girl with an infectious smile and crazy ideas who loves spending time looking after her 8 year old neice, and doing outdoor activities


Arrives: 2 months
Interests: Swimming, tennis and just recently started Japanese martial arts

Eugenie is described by her friends as curious, helpful and generous. On weekends she likes to go hiking with her family, reading books and baking.


Arrives: 10 months
Interests: Vollyeball is her favourtie sport and she also likes camping and swimming

Justine is a sociable and smiling girl, but she says you need to be easy on her in the mornings. She loves outdoor activies like camping, riding bikes and swimming with friends and family.


Arrives: 5 months
Interests: Rugby, riding his motorbike, cooking and watching movies

Leonardo is a Rugby loving, friendly, socialable and goal setting boy who loves to cook with his Mum on the weekends and go to the beach in summer.


Arrives: 5 months
Interests: Unicycle Hockey, Kung Fu, horse riding and going to the movies

Maelle plays a very unique sport that is Unicycle-Hockey as part of a team, and is also level 9 in Kung Fu. She is an outgoing and active girl who loves listening to music or going to the movies.


Arrives: 5 months
Interests: Trying and watching all different types of sports and youth group

Maria is a positive, happy and calm girl who loves being involved in her church youth group and is now one of the group coordinators.


Arrives: 2 months
Interests: Rugby, tennis, boxing, cycling and in winter skiing

Martin is a sporty, independent boy who's friends say that he is fun to be around. He loves Rugby and is hoping that he can play a couple of games while on exchange.


Arrives: 10 months
Interests: Photography, listening to music and rides a unicycle

Paula is a helpful, open minded girl who loves animals and nature. She learnt to ride a unicycle and attended circus school for fun


Arrives: 3 months
Interests: Tennis, athletics (running mostly) and fishing with his Dad on weekends

Quentin is an independent and open boy who can be a little quiet to start. He loves cooking and loves that he is in charge of cooking desert for 15 at Christmas dinner.


Arrives: 5 months
Interests: Ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, and drama club which is called 'Labo Club'

Rina is a friendly and out-going girl who loves to dance, and also plays soccer and tennis. She has a pet hamster which she will miss so hopes her host family has pets

Tau ra’a

Arrives: 5 months
Interests: Skate, surf and volleyball as well as motorbike riding

Tau ra'a is a happy and energetic girl who likes to set goals and achieve them. She loves having great conversations with people and learning from others.


Arrives: 5 months
Interests: Singing, volleyball and skiing in winter as well as scouts

Yacine is a loving and friendly girl who is an only child so would really love to be a part of a family with siblings. She loves being active in Scouts also.