Student Profiles

Make the World your Home! Host a YFU Exchange Student!

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Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Taking photos, going to the gym and trying new sports

Camila is a girl from Chile who likes going to the Gym and enjoys trying different sports with her friends. She also likes to take photos because she finds it relaxing. Camila and her Mum like to watch movies and eat together.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Camping, hiking and listening to music

Elena is a girl from Germany who loves being active and playing sports. She likes to go camping and hiking with her Mum. Other activities she likes to do are reading books, going to the movies and listening to music.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Swimming, running and travelling

Fumitaka is a boy from Japan who has travelled and lived in different countries with his parents which has made him want to live overseas with a host family. He likes swimming, running, origami and basketball.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Soccer, tennis and cycling

Jakob is a boy from Austria who is soccer mad and would love to play in a team while in Australia. Jakob also plays tennis but mostly with his friends for fun. His family like to eat dinner together and go cycling.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Learning languages, skiing and sailing

Jeanne is a girl from Switzerland who is a busy, sporty and open minded person. She plays volleyball in a team and likes to spend time with her family skiing in winter or sailing in summer. She loves learning languages.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Scouts, going to concerts and spending time with friends

Julia is a girl from Uruguay who is a happy and down to earth person. She likes going to art galleries, concerts and sharing a meal with her friends. Julia is a part of Scouts, and the Literature & Writing Club at school.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Dancing, swimming and going to the movies

Juliana is a girl from France who loves to dance. She has been doing dance for 13 years now. Recently she started doing aerial silks with friends. She also likes swimming, cycling and going to the movies with friends.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Saxophone, choir and playing games

Juliette is a girl from France who is talkative and affectionate by nature. She likes spending time with her younger brother and they play games together. Juliette plays the saxophone and sings in the choir.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Singing, yoga and volleyball

Klaudija is a girl from Latvia who is an energetic and positive person. She goes to singing lessons as singing is something she wants to pursue in life. She also does yoga, volleyball, watching tv and any water sports.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Basketball, cycling and soccer

Luca is a boy from Germany and he is a friendly and outgoing boy who loves animals and sports. His favourite sport is soccer, but he also plays volleyball and basketball and cycling. He enjoys learning languages.


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Going to the gym with his friends and field hockey

Mateo is a boy from Argentina who loves to play field hockey and has played for 2 years. He also likes to go to the gym with his friends. He likes to have dinner with his family, spend time and talk about their day


Arrives: January 2018
Interests: Swimming, drawing and playing in the orchestra

Mia is a girl from Germany is a flexible and optimistic person. She is involved in swimming and she does this at her local club. She plays the clarinet and is part of the Music Association Orchestra. She also likes drawing.