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Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Rugby, judo, surfing, cooking and volunteering

Adrien is a boy from France who is absolutely sports mad! He loves rugby, judo, surfing, tennis and the list goes on. He also loves to play board games, go to the beach and cook. He volunteers at the local Catholic Group.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Swimming, ballet and contemporary dancing and archery

Amalie is a girl from Denmark who swims for a sport as well as dancing (ballet and contemporary) Archery is a new sport that she has recently started. She is a calm person with a great sense of humour says her Dad.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Swimming competitively, culture, reading books

Anni is a girl from Finland is interested in many different things like culture, food, sports and reading the news. Anni swims competitively and also goes running. She also likes to bake and cook, read a book or watch a movie.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Rugby, volleyball, skiing and amateur theatre group

Asia is a girl from Italy who is a sporty person who is positive and likes to keep busy and active. Currently she plays rugby, volleyball and skiing. Asia is also in her local theatrical amateur performance group.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Horse riding, playing sports with her brother and the piano

Charlotte is a girl from the Netherlands who is very independent and loves to learn. She in an active girl goes horse riding with her Mum, and plays sports for fun with her Dad and brother. Charlotte also plays the piano.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Hiking, fishing, soccer and watching sport on tv

Elsa is a girl from Sweden who loves the outdoors. She goes hiking, fishing and skiing with her family and friend's. Soccer is her favourite sport to play. Her family like to eat dinner and watch sport on tv together.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Soccer, maths and his animals

Ettore is a boy from Italy who likes to play soccer with friends & family. He loves animals and has a dog, parrots, iguana and a goose. Maths and Computer Tech is his favourite subject as he loves numbers & logic of it all.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Cycling, going to the gym and spending time with his Grandmother

Francesco is a boy from Italy who likes to keep active and busy, and goes to the gym with his friends to train. He loves spending time with his Grandmother cooking and has learnt many of her recipes. He also likes cycling.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Dancing, cooking, taking photos and learning languages

Janette is a girl from Finland that absolutely loves to dance and has been doing so for the past 5 years and has competed at a National level. She also likes to cook, take photos, watch movies and learn languages.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Badminton, swimming and her local volunteer group

Lara is a girl from France who absolutely loves animals and plans to become a vet. Lara plays badminton in a team and also swimming. Last year she joined a volunteer group that helped homeless people at a shelter.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Volleyball, going to the gym with friends and making pancakes

Laura is a girl from Estonia who is a cheerful, passionate and energetic person. Volleyball is her main sport and she has recently started going to the gym with friends. She loves making pancakes with her Mum on weekends.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Camping, playing sports and Youth Movement

Lore is a girl from Belgium who loves playing sports and games, and she does most of this through the Youth Movement which is like Scouts. Lore plays volleyball and plays in a team. She also plays the piano.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Guitar, modern jazz dancing and listening to music

Marthe is a girl from France who says she is a music lover, and has played guitar for 7 years. Marthe and her family listen to music together, anything from classical to pop. Marthe does modern jazz dancing.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Playing the drums, circus and baking cakes

Mathis is a boy from France who is actively involved in Circus and has been for 4 years. He likes to bake cakes for his family but does not like going shopping with his sisters. He plays the drums, xylophone and vibraphone.


Arrives: July 2018
Interests: Drawing, taking photo's, and school volunteering group

Rhea is a girl from Switzerland who likes spending time playing games like minigolf with her Mum and brothers. She likes to draw and take photos, and is part of her school group that volunteers to help a school in Senegal.