Help While On Exchange

Who Will Help Me While On Exchange?

When you are on exchange overseas, you will be supported by your carefully selected YFU Student Exchange host family, a trained local YFU Student Exchange coordinator, the professional staff of the YFU Student Exchange organisation in your host country and of course the staff of YFU Student Exchange in Australia and New Zealand.

Your YFU Student Exchange Host Family

Your YFU Student Exchange host family will make you welcome when you arrive, help answer your questions and provide you will a warm and caring and supportive family environment just as your own family does in Australia or New Zealand.

Your Local YFU Student Exchange Coordinator

Your local YFU Student Exchange coordinator (called YFU area representative or support person in some countries) is trained to provide you with support and assistance in settling into your host family and school. Your YFU Student Exchange local coordinator usually makes contact with you every 4 weeks to check if you or your family have any questions or issues you need help with. You will have their contact details and need to contact them if there are issues or problems you feel uncomfortable raising with your host family. They are trained in assisting in resolving problems and they will understand the challenges you will face on exchange. It it very important you talk to them if you are concerned or worried about anything.

YFU Student Exchange Organisation in your Host Country

Youth for Understanding (YFU) Student Exchange is a worldwide network of non-profit independent organisations established and controlled in each country by local people.

All YFU organisations agree to conduct their programs to a set of quality program standards agreed to by all participating organisations.

Your YFU Student Exchange organisation in you host country will provide you with an orientation on arrival to help you understand the culture of your host country, school and family life, community expectations and the country’s laws. There may also be an orientation towards the end of your exchange to help you prepare for your return to Australia or New Zealand.

Every YFU Student Exchange organisation around the world maintains an emergency 24/7 telephone number to support you in case of emergency or other difficulty. Help is just a phone call away.

YFU Student Exchange in Australia and New Zealand

YFU Student Exchange in Australia and New Zealand provides 24/7 emergency support for your parents.  If there is a problem in Australia or New Zealand or in your host country, your parents will be able to contact us.

YFU Student Exchange internationally also have a worldwide emergency plan and emergency coordination team in case of major natural disasters or other large scale emergencies which guarantees timely and professional decisions to protect and support you such situations.