Discounts and Scholarships

Discounts and Scholarships

Only one scholarship or discount may apply to any applicant. An applicant will receive either a scholarship or discount not both. If an applicant withdraws, the normal cancellation policies apply.

Acceptance Application Deadline Dates:

  • 30 June 2018 for January to March 2019 departures
  • 28 February 2018 for August/September 2018 departures
  • 30 April 2018 for November/December 2018 departures


1. Early Bird Discounts

Complete and submit your full acceptance application by the above dates and receive the following automatic and substantial discounts on the normal program fee.

  • $1000 for 10-12 months program to any country
  • $750 for 5-6 months program to any country
  • $300 for 2 -3 month programs
2. Hosting Discount

Families that choose to host a student for up to 10 months before or during their son or daughter’s exchange may be eligible to receive a hosting discount of up to 10% of the program fee.  The discount comes in the form of a reimbursement, after the family has completed the hosting period of their selected student.  For more information, please contact us.


Scholarships will be allocated to students after the scholarship allocation deadline has passed.  Students who have not received a scholarship will be eligible for the early bird discount. Students applying for scholarships must have completed the full acceptance application and have had their student interview, as well as have submitted the scholarship application form before the application deadline in order to qualify.

Please be aware that scholarship funds for 2018 are limited.