Czech Republic

Although Czech Republic has only recently become a country, the country has a rich history and culture.  While the capital, Prague, is a cosmopolitan city, it has a charm due to its medieval and artistic architecture.  Many people say that Prague is the prettiest city in all of Europe.  Czech Republic is often overlooked by travellers but is a fantastic cultural experience.  There is no language requirement to go on exchange to the Czech Republic.  2 language camps take place during the beginning of the exchange – once on arrival and once after students have settled with their host families.


Credit: YFU Czech Republic

Students are enrolled into a Gymnasium.  This type of school provides general academic subjects which students use to go on to university.  There is a great respect for teachers in the Czech Republic.  When a teacher walks into the class, all pupils must stand up. The same stand up procedure is repeated when the teacher leaves.  Schools understand that our students will not come with much knowledge of the language, and are flexible if you need extra help in class.


Every family has developed a routine for how they live. The rules are not written, so it is important to watch and learn what your family does and at what times. Czech families are very multicultural, love to watch ice hockey, soccer and are proud of their culture.  Czech people value initiative and independence, yet still want students to feel like a part of their family.  Czech people are often open and love to communicate with each other and learn about people from Australia and New Zealand.

Specialised Programs

YFU Czech Republic offers specialised programs in the following areas:

Music and Dance

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August 2019

August 2019

 $9,900 AUD

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 February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

 April 15, 2019

April 15, 2019