Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of both population and land mass.  It is the only Portuguese speaking destination in South America.  Its natural beauties include the Amazon rainforest and its white sandy beaches.  Brazil is full of culture and boasts  its culture best at the yearly Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro.  There is no language requirement for Brazil, however you will be expected to learn Portuguese after arrival.


Fern Brazil
Credit: Fern from NZ

Attending school in Brazil means you will go to school either in the morning or the afternoon, depending on what grade or school you are in.   There are only 3 years of high school and students generally study a lot in their last year to sit the entrance exams held at the end of the school year from November to February. Some schools won’t require you to sit tests and exams though others schools may. When you attend school you will be in 1 classroom with the same students but you will receive a different teacher for different subjects, giving you a diverse and interesting school experience. If you don’t have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities at school there are a number of institutes that allow you to do languages, sports, music, arts and more. You will have the opportunity to work hard at learning the Portuguese language and interact with Brazilians and gain a life time experience.


Credit: Fern from NZ

Brazilian families are known to usually be very warm and show affection by kissing and hugging, which is a common practice in Brazil.  If you are a teenager in Brazil you will find that girls greet their friends by kissing on the cheeks, though the boys generally shake hands. Brazilian families can also be very protective towards their children which is just a way of showing they care about you. You will have the opportunity to spend time with your host family and share experiences and everyday activities with them.  Generally, Brazilian families have a maid and she will be considered part of the family.

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