5 Reasons To Become a Host Family

30 de April de 2019


YFU Student Exchange are looking for host families for July 2019! In this article you will learn why hosting an international exchange student will be an unforgettable experience for your family.

1 New Friendship, which will last forever

It is an important decision to become a host family, so that’s why we want to make your hosting experience the best one. YFU will help you choose a student who will fit well in your family, where you will receive a new family member with whom you can stay in touch with for many years.

2 Explore a new country and learn more about your

YFU Student Exchange are located in more than 50 countries around the world and where students are coming from many different language and cultural backgrounds. Hosting a student will allow you to learn foreign language at home (especially in the beginning). But students are also learning English intensively during their stay – and from their mistakes and queries you can get to know your own language very well. Everyday contact with a student from a different cultural background also gives your family the best opportunity to learn about cultural differences between Australia and student’s home country – you will discover interesting things, which you may not have though about!

3 New perspectives on your everyday life

Hosting an exchange student is a beneficial experience beneficial for each member of your family. There are many different cultures and approaches to life in the world. Accepting an exchange student in your family will make you aware of differences in everyday situations, which helps you to build a better understanding towards people and different cultures.

4 Sharing Your Own Culture

During their exchange YFU encourages students to completely “immerse” in the Australian way of life, where host families play a crucial role in this. We ask our host families to share their own culture, customs and traditions with their exchange students and to introduce Australia to them. It can be something as simple as cooking your family’s favourite meal together or just involving the exchange student in your family’s hobbies and activities.

5 Make the World Your Home!

“Make the world your home” is the mission of YFU Student Exchange community worldwide. As a host family you can discover the world without even leaving your home. By living with an exchange student, you will be exposed to her/his culture, traditions, language and way of life. This is an extraordinary opportunity to gain better understanding of todays connected world. And last but not least, after your student laves, there may be the opportunity to visit her/his home country!



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