What Others Have Said About YFU

“Jarryd had the most wonderful experience in Japan, even though there were a few hiccups.  His host family was absolutely divine and he enjoyed the high school opportunity.  So,  THANK YOU, TO YOU AND ALL THE STAFF AT YFU who contributed to Jarryd’s Japanese experience.  Jarryd is very keen to share his experiences with future students.”
Anne, Natural Mother


“I changed so much in a few months. I think the most important thing I noticed is how I see the world. I enjoy every day of my life and i’m trying to see the good things in every person and in every situation.  I’m trying not to think too much about the end of my exchange. It will be really hard to leave New Zealand and my wonderful host family.  Now i have two houses, two mums, two dads and five brothers and sisters.  I just want to try to enjoy as much as I can in these last 3 months.”
Betta, Exchange student to New Zealand


“I just wanted to let you know that Sophie had a wonderful exchange in France. She enjoyed everything about her time there, the school was great , the family were lovely and the food a highlight! I received a letter from Sophie’s french Teacher which shows that Sophie really did benefit from the exchange!  Please pass on our thanks to the French team who placed her! And thank you to the YFU office staff in Sydney.”
Krisi, Mother of 3 Month Exchange student, Sophie


“I have an American sister and a Japanese sister through YFU, my experience with YFU goes back 30 years.”
Sharynne, Host Mother and Sister of YFU Australia


“Natalie arrived back from her exchange on Monday.  She had a fabulous time and is now pretty fluent in French as is looking toward an exchange while in University.  I am sure she will spread positive news about YFU to her school friends.”
Vivienne, Mother of YFU Australia exchange student to France


“YFU Australia exchange student to Japan” link=”” target=””]”I’m having heaps of fun, and I love being at school with my new friends. I’ve become quite the typical [Japanese] schoolgirl. I’m going to miss Japan so much, and I’m even starting to have fears about leaving.”
Cara, YFU Australia exchange student to Japan


“In four months I have gained confidence, learned a language, how to budget money, adapted to a new culture, made friends and became a member of a Uruguayan family. In the next 8 months anything could happen, but I know I will be returning and bringing my family with me.”
Bonnie, YFU exchange student to Uraguay


“This exchange has definitely helped me grow as a person. I feel more confident talking to groups of people, I will now never get lost in an airport. Exchange has definitely helped me mature. Your home, family and friends will always be there for you when you get home, but an opportunity like this, to travel and study, will not always be there.”
Khia, YFU exchange student to USA